Marilyn Biography

Marilyn Valiente is a Cuban born artist whom moved to the United States with her parents and siblings in 1962. Since early age her interest in painting was evident and she attended University of Florida where she got her degree in art education. She later extended her education by getting a degree in psychology having achieved a Master degree in mental health counseling and a PhD in pastoral psychology. Currently she maintains an active private practice treating people with varies mental health disorder. While at the same time  pursuing her love for watercolors; entering shows, fine art festivals and art competitions. She holds signature membership in the Miami Watercolor Society. She is a member of the Gold Coast Watercolor Society and the Florida Watercolor Society.  She holds numerous awards including 1st place in The Coconut Grove Art Festival in 2011 and 2012 in the watercolor division and most recently she won “Best in the show” in the Miami Watercolor Society Spring 2013 Exhibition, second place in 2014.