Marilyn 's Artist Statement

My life's passion has been three things; my family, understanding the Divine and understanding the mortal.  All three energize me, stress me and confuse me at the same time. Being evolved in the creative process allows me to disconnect from the constant chatter in my head. It puts me in a divine meditative space where there is peace and clarity, and time stands still in the realm of possibilities.
Watercolors are much like life itself  “a dance of opposites”. It seems so simple but yet it is very complex. The beauty of watercolor is the transparency and the clarity of the colors. If done masterfully, each layer sits on top of layers without disturbing the one underneath. Light travels through the various layers and bounces of the white of the paper. This produces a glow and the process allows unique color blends that are bold and beautiful.  The difficulty of the medium is in knowing how each color reacts, how much water to add and how to use each brush stroke carefully.
A friend of mine stated about a master watercolorist as having an incredible ability to “push the water around”. I say for me, it is the water with some color in it that is pushing me around. I love the challenge of trying to make it look so simple when it fact it requires so much effort and skill.