David's Artist Statement

The Artist
Dr. David S. Valiente’s education, a master in Marriage and Family Therapy and a doctorate in Clinical Psychology, along with over twenty years of experience seeing clients in private practice has a great influence in his art work.  He has intergraded psychology with the themes of his sculptures by capturing human nature with all its vulnerability and virtues. He wants the individual art lover to be touched by his art pieces deep down to their psyche due to the stories of human experience brought out in his work. The art lover will be intrigued by the psychological message that each art work conveys. Every sculpture piece tells a story about humanity and its range of psychological issues. The individual’s curiosity to figure out the psychological message that each piece brings will draw them to it and help them to identify with it. 
Dr. Valiente is a certified hypnosis therapist. While under a trance or a half-conscious state, he gets many of his ideas for his sculptures. In a deep hypnotic trance he is able to let his subconscious mind reveal to him what he should design for his sculptures. Many of the subconscious symbols he portrays in his art pieces try to capture feelings, dream analysis theories, and psychological traits.